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Sea Love

Ocean Conservation




  1. prevention of wasteful use of a resource.


  2. preservation, protection, or restoration of the natural environment and of wildlife.

As an artist on the West Coast inspiration is everywhere. Be it the landscape or the beautiful creatures walking (or swimming) their path on it.

With the phenomena of the wave ring becoming a token of west coast culture, Joleen was inspired to give back to the ocean which inspired her. 

The wave ring has been a fundraiser for Marine conservation for nearly 2 years. Raising almost $4000 combined for the Central West Coast Forest Society and Thornton Creek Salmon Enhancement Society. 

CWFS focuses on watershed restoration creating healthy habitats for salmon to spawn in. While TCSES focuses on building health sustainable salmon stocks and revitalizing streams and rivers rehabilitated by CWFS. 

We have endless amounts of gratitude for both as their efforts have a great ripple effect on the wildlife in the ocean as well as keeping the coastal rainforest healthy and diverse. 

The next charity for the Summer Solstice will be the Surfrider Pacific Rim Chapter. As Joleen has dove into working with Marine Debris she has become active with the Surfrider foundation and is grateful for the efforts and community on the West Coast. 

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