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Big Love


If you have landed here by chance or are a loyal client I thank you! This is an honest letter about where I am at.

The past year has been one of the toughest years of my life. I already thought I was on a hero's journey breaking cycles of generational trauma in my bloodline. Then October 2020 I was intimately involved with my Father's In-laws accidental death. We found him deep in the wilderness miles out of cell range with our boat after he succumb to the elements, drowning in a kayak accident. This was not my first time being close to an accidental death. I felt I harnessed some inner wise woman and handled the event as best as one could expect to, bringing him home and holding sacred space for his soul to ascend. I took a couple weeks to slow down but after that I pressed on with life. Homeschooling our children and continuing on with business as usual. However last spring I decided that I needed time and space for myself to dive back in to my work of expressing myself. So I put my kids back in school. What I didn't expect was waves of complex grief and depression. 

I know expression is on the opposite end of depression. After such a heavy experience I felt it was difficult to talk about it with our oversharing so I opted not to share at all. Well I am cracking that seal now. Just trying my best to be gentle and transparent with my supporters. I am so grateful for all the healers, friends and wonderful clients I have in my life that have helped me coast through this time. 

I know healing is a journey and not a destination. I feel like I am at a point in my path where I can share more of myself and my soulful healing jewels with you. 

I hope you enjoy my work.



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